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"Everyday I try and make this club succeed"

Harry Maguire with a great response after Man Utd's win in the Europa League

Source: BT Sport

Interviewer - 00:00
Harry well done. A clean sheet, a win, through. A good job well done really.

Harry Maguire - 00:03
Yeah, it's been a good two games, over the two legs. Betis are a good team. They're 5th in La Liga. They've done well this season, so we know it wouldn't be an easy draw. We performed at Old Trafford and we knew coming here in the first...we knew the first 20 minutes would -- they would come as us and throw everything at it and if we see that through it would be an important part of the game set to progress.

Interviewer - 00:25
You mention the first 20 minutes, which was played at a frenetic pace and you've not had too many minutes in your legs. How did you find it?

Harry Maguire - 00:25
Yeah, we knew it would be fast, to be honest. We expected a fast start from them and we knew if we didn't concede in that first 20 ⁠minutes it would be a big part of the game well done. We conceded a few chances, a little bit sloppy with the ball, which they capitalised on. But we had chances ourselves as well and like I say, it could have been a couple of goals each in the first 20 minutes. But I think was think in the second half we controlled the game really well, got the goal that we deserved and then we played football from then on.

Interviewer - 01:01
For you personally, how difficult is it to go into a game like that, cold almost, where you haven't had too many starts recently?

Harry Maguire - 01:08 Yeah, listen, I work hard at the training ground and that's only what you can do. You can work hard in training. I put everything into training. We have good coaches at this club, and they put on really good sessions the day after games. Listen, it's not been too long since my last game -⁠ I think it's a couple of weeks ago and I've started 5, 6, 7 [games] since the World Cup. Obviously, I want to play more, I want to start more games but I'm playing my part on and off the field and it's nice to go out there leading the team and obviously getting the victory, which is the most important part for myself and the club. 

Interviewer - 01:45
Is that all you can do when you get these opportunities, to try and take it and be a good leader off the pitch in training?

Harry Maguire - 01:55
Yeah, of course, I have an important part on and off the field at this club. Whether I'm playing or not playing so that's my main focus at the moment. We've had a little setback in recent weeks, so we've gotta pick ourselves back up and I think it's been a good response from the lads since then.

Interviewer - 02:06
Well done tonight, thanks, Harry.

Harry Maguire - 02:06
Thank you.

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