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Guess Who? Football Version

Guess Who was one of my favourite games as a child, and something I still play to this day. So I wanted to adapt it for my online lessons, but with a football twist.

How to play

The game is simple and there are a few variations you can use. It makes the perfect warm-up game, and my students enjoy it so much that we usually play for a warm-down at the end of the lesson too!


This is the traditional way to play "Guess Who?" The aim of the game is to guess who your opponent's person, before they guess yours. However, you can only use yes or no questions, for example:

Player A: Does your person have dark hair?
Player B: Yes he does.

In this case, Player A would then cross out all of the players with light hair.

After around 5 questions, you should be down to 2-5 people and it starts to get harder to ask questions! This is where the game is really helpful for English, as you can learn vocabulary and how to ask difficult questions. For example, "is your person smiling?" or "are your person's teeth showing?"

As a group

We often play this in our group lessons as well, where the rules change a little bit. In a group scenario, the teacher could choose a person and have the students guess, or you could let one of the students choose a person and have the other students guess.

The same rule applies: yes or no questions only!

Combining with Football

We obviously love football, and many of our students do to, so we couldn't miss the opportunity to integrate it into this game. Instead of the standard Guess Who characters, we replaced with some of the most famous footballers in the world. This gives students a chance to ask real-life, questions about body parts, colours and other details they sometimes miss.

Feel free to save the image below to use in your lessons! It's super easy to print, or use in online lessons - just cross out the players as you go!

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