From a lucky bulldog to the San Diego chicken to modern characters we know. This is the story of mascots.

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They cover everything from lucky charms and animals that lead to winning teams, to a baseball clown running the bases and winding up umpires, to a disrespectful man in a chicken suit all the way to cute and cuddly Sesame Street-like characters making kids happy. This is the story of mascots.

Tommy and Mascots

Tommy as Northern Spirit Mascot

Tommy with Spurs Mascot in 2000

Tommy with Spurs Mascot in 2016

The iconic origin of Yale's Handsome Dan

Source: NCAA

Mat Patkin: The Clown Price of Baseball

The San Diego Chicken

Philadelphia's Gritty and Phanatic

The Story Behind The Portland Timbers’ Chainsaw Celebration

Source: MLS

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