Season 1 Episode 23


The analysis of sport is a booming industry and football is no different. There's one player who has a slightly different approach one how to present the data: Tifo Football.
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Soccer – or football, as most of the world calls it – is the most popular sport in the world. As in other major sports, advanced data analytics are being used more frequently in football, both in the front offices and by the media reporting on the sport. Football clubs and journalists alike are always searching for an upper hand, be it in squad-building and scouting or in commentary and analysis – and analytics have the power to do so when used properly.

Enter Tifo Football, a media company that attempts to distill a large quantity of complex data into easily digestible videos on YouTube. They discuss team tactics, individual player breakdowns, and tell long-lost stories from football’s colorful history using healthy doses of data, analysis and animation. As of today, Tifo Football is now part of The Athletic.

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